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Support organizations, performance opportunities and venues available for co-presentation and rental for independent dance productions. Each entry has some technical specifications, but the list is not comprehensive. There are many theatres in the city including those in universities and colleges that are uncharted territory for dance. Prices listed are subject to change.

Association pour le métissage artistique et culturel (AMETAC)

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Bain St-Michel

Managed by the city of Montreal, this drained swimming pool is available for artistic productions. No technical equipment.
Capacity: no seats, but there is room for an audience of 150.
Floor surface: tiles on concrete.
Cost: the city lends the space for free, but insurance costs must be paid by renter.
Submission deadline: currently under renovations for at least the next year
Contact: 5300 St-Dominique, 514-872-4767

Bibliothèque de la danse Vincent Warren

Located in the École supérieure de ballet contemporain building, this library constitutes one of the world’s most important collections specialized in dance with over 20,000 documents and all kinds of dance represented. The general public can access resources during operating hours. Their catalogue can be accessed online.
Cost: $30 (annual membership), $25 (RQD members)
Contact: 4816 Rivard, (514) 849-4929, www.esbcm.org, www.choreme.ca

Carrefour jeunesse-emploi Centre-Ville

An organization designed to help youth integrate the professional workforce. Provides services such as career counselling and guidance as well as workshops and seminars on resumé writing, job searching etc. They also have job postings, directories and other tools and resources, and offer career counselling for dance artists.
Contact: 666 Sherbrooke-Ouest, bureau 201, 21eme étage, 514-875-9770, info@cjemontreal.org, www.cjemontreal.org

Centre culturel Calixa-Lavallée

A rectangular black box located in the centre of Parc Lafontaine managed by Art Neuf, a non-profit organization in partnership with the city of Montreal.
Stage dimensions: 31’8’’ width x 30’ depth x 17’6’’ grid height
Floor surface: concrete covered with linoleum tiles
Capacity: 120 seats
Other: 1 makeup room, 2 dressing rooms, toilet
Cost: $275,71 for 4 hours (tax incl.)
Contact: 3819 Calixa-Lavallée, 514-872-3947, artneuf@bellnet.ca, http://www.artneuf.ca/html

Segal Centre for performing arts

This theatre located in the Snowdon district is attached to the Jewish community centre and programmes its own theatre season. The Centre houses a theatre and a more affordable equipped studio.
Theatre: 30’ width x 57’6’’ depth (proscenium), 306 capacity, floating floor, $1000 per night.
Studio: 30’ width x 30’ depth, 186 capacity (movable seating), floating floor, $700 per night.
Submission deadline: 1 to 2 years in advance.
Contact: 5170 Côte-Ste-Catherine, 514-739-2301, rentals@segalcentre.org, www.segalcentre.org

Cinquième salle of the Place des Arts

The fifth and smallest stage in the Place des Arts complex presents contemporary dance, multimedia and theatre creators. Although probably unaffordable to most emerging artists, it is an interesting option for larger-scale productions.
Stage dimensions: 20’width x 40’depthx 16’ grid height (modular)
Seating capacity: 250 to 413 seats (configuration can change with mobile platforms)
Floor surface: sprung dance floor
Other: 2 dressing rooms, toilets, showers, bar, aids for the hearing-impaired, assistance for persons with reduced mobility.
Cost: $830 basic rate, plus $490 per day of set-up, rehearsal or day off.
Contact: 260 de Maisonneuve O., 514-285-4200, info@pda.qc.ca, www.pda.qc.ca

Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique

Circuit-Est offers support to creators through studio time and training and research activities. They offer residencies (2-3 weeks in studio, 20 hours a week) and a mentorship project or supervised residency (2 weeks in studio, 20 hours a week with a more experienced choreographer).
Contact: 2022 Sherbrooke E. (Jean-Pierre Perreault building) & 1881 Saint-André #100, 514-525-1569, danse@circuit-est.qc.ca, www.circuit-est.qc.ca

Culture Montréal

Culture Montréal is an independent non-profit organization, bringing together people from all backgrounds interested in promoting culture as an essential element of Montreal’s development.
Cost: $25 per year (professional artists)
Contact: 3680 Jeanne-Mance #317, 514-845-0303, info@culturemontreal.ca, www.culturemontreal.ca


This artist-run centre is devoted to experimentation, risk and critical inquiry. DARE-DARE presents artists who create site-specific work in a variety of public spaces.
Deadline for submission: January
Contact: corner of Dufresne and Larivière, 514-878-1088, info@dare-dare.org, www.dare-dare.org

Diagramme gestion culturelle

Diagramme offers artists and dance companies specialised services in administration, management and marketing, enabling artists to focus on the task of creation. Several companies are under contract with Diagramme, but all artists may use its reference centre and schedule personal consultations for pay per use services.
Cost: $15 to $25/hour
Contact: 1587 Mont-Royal E., 514-524-7665, gestion@diagramme.org, www.diagramme.org

Diversité artistique Montréal (DAM)

Committed to enhancing the inclusion of artists from ethno-cultural communities in the general arts community, DAM offers artists and cultural workers professional insertion training and information sessions.
Contact : 1210 Sherbrooke E., 514-280-3581, info@diversiteartistique.org, www.diversiteartistique.org

Eastern Bloc

Eastern Bloc is a media production centre, a performing arts venue, an exhibition space and a rehearsal space. They encourage peer mentorship amongst the members of the organization and they offer a wide array of promotional and technical services to better integrate emerging artists with the professional art world. All 3 spaces can be rented for private creation or for public events.
Space dimensions: Main Space: 3500 square feet; Studio A: 450 square feet; Studio B: 650 square feet.
Seating capacity: Legal capacity is 200 people (20 seats). There are no risers or mats.
Floor surface: unfinished hardwood floors
Other: limited technical equipment
Cost: $350+ per night.
Contact: 7240 Clark, 514-284-2106, info@easternbloc.ca, www.myspace.com/easternblocmtl

English Language Arts Network (ELAN)

ELAN is devoted to helping Québec’s English-language artists make connections with one another, with their francophone colleagues and with their audiences in Québec, Canada and internationally. The primary role of ELAN is to build bridges between artistic disciplines and also between English-speaking and French-speaking communities.
Membership: $30 per year.
Contact: 406 Ste-Catherine O. #610, 514-935-3312, admin@quebec-elan.org, www.quebec-elan.org

Espace Geordie

Geordie Productions specialises in theatre for young audiences and operates the Geordie Space, a small black box theatre in a building with several artist-run galleries.
Stage dimensions: 38’ width x 29’4’’ depth x 10’9’’ height (lowest grid beam at 8’11)
Floor surface: sprung wooden floor, painted black
Seating capacity: 115 – 78 chairs (flexible settings)
Other: lobby for artists, coatroom, dressing room with bathroom
Cost: $1000-$1200 per week
Contact: 4001 Berri #103, 514-845-9810, admin@geordie.ca, www.geordie.ca

État d’Urgence/ATSA

ATSA (Action Terroriste Sociablement Acceptable) was created in 1997 to create urban interventions of politically-engaged installations and performances. Artists are invited to submit proposals for their État d’Urgence (state of emergency) – a downtown refugee camp every November. Performances take place outside or under a tent.
Contact: 4430 Drolet, 514-844-9830, info@atsa.qc.ca, www.atsa.qc.ca

Fringe Festival of Montreal

The Fringe occurs every June with participants presenting their work 6 times over the course of the festival. Technical time and storage space are at a bare minimum. The festival offers promotional and front-of-house of support.
Piece length: anywhere from 15 minutes to 90 minutes
Application procedure: fill out a form; selection is either on a first come, first served basis or by lottery
Cost: the registration fee is $450 to $750, you keep the box office income
Deadline for submissions: December, selection is by lottery
Contact: 3997 St-Laurent, 514-849-3378, fringe@montrealfringe.ca, www.montrealfringe.ca

Festival Quartiers Danses

Transatlantique Montreal is a September festival specialized in contemporary dance, expositions and dance films that focus on multi-disciplinary identity. Its mission touches on the democratisation and decentralisation of dance outside of the downtown cultural centres. Open equally to emerging, self-taught and professional dance artists and artists of other disciplines.
Submission deadline: October to May.
Contact: 1336 Valiquette, 514-751-2207, info@quartiersdanses.com, www.quartiersdanses.com

Fleur d’asphalte

The mission of the studio is to encourage and facilitate training, creation and presentation for dance professionals. The studio is beginning to offer residences and a series of six performances (shared programs) per year.
Space dimensions: 640 square feet plus reception area
Seating capacity: 40 people (6 tables, 40 chairs)
Floor surface: hardwood floors
Other: reception area, piano, ballet bars, complete sound system.
Cost: call for rates
Contact: 6847 St-Hubert, 514-529-6635, info@fleurdasphalte.com, www.fleurdasphalte.com


Le Gesù is a multidisciplinary centre for whom art is a privileged space of dialogue, of spiritualization. They present, offer residencies and rent two technically-equipped spaces: the Amphithéâtre (Italian-style theatre) and the Salle Aline Letendre (the church).
Amphithéâtre: 37’ width x 27’ depth x 16’ height, 425 places, hardwood floor and dance floor, $850-$950 per night.
Salle Aline Letendre: 20’ width x 32’ depth, 120 places, linoleum and dance floor, $350 per night.
Contact: 1200 Bleury, 514-861-4378, info@gesu.net, www.gesu.net


Close to the McGill and Place-des-Arts metro stations, José Navas/Compagnie Flak’s studio can be rented for rehearsals, classes, workshops or auditions. Availability depends on the Company’s creation and touring schedule.

Stage dimensions: 1,800 ft2 (60’x 30’) and a 12’ ceiling

Floor surface: Black dance floor 40’x 30’
Cost: contact them directly
Contact : 486 Rue Ste-Catherine O., 514-876-1313, aurelie@flak.org, www.flak.org

Journées de la culture

Québec annually holds these ‘culture days’ in late September by encouraging arts groups and organizations to offer free events, which are listed in the Journées de la culture brochure. Appropriate for an open rehearsal.
Deadline for submissions: May
Contact: 4750 Henri-Julien, suite R-050, 514-873-2641, info@culturepourtous.ca, www.journeesdelaculture.qc.ca

La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse

Founded in 1973, La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse is one of Quebec’s oldest artist-run centers. Its mandate expands on a history of feminist art practices and aims to provide a platform for contemporary art that is informed by feminist and gender theory, as well as intercultural and trans-disciplinary practices. To encourage intergenerational dialogue, La Centrale welcome artists at any stage of their career.
Capacity: 100
Gallery surface: 12m X 5m, hight 3,5m or 36′4″ X 18′, hight 11′
Cost:call for rates
Contact: 4296 boul. St-Laurent, 514-871-0268, galerie@lacentrale.org, www.lacentrale.org

La Chapelle

La Chapelle is a multidisciplinary presenter of experimental performance work. They support artistic creation through collaborations and selected independent productions (rentals), which benefit from promotional support via their annual programme.
Stage dimensions: 36’3’’ width x 31’ depth x 17’11’’ grid height
Seating capacity: 114 seats (raked)
Floor surface: wood covered in masonite, dance floor.
Other: dressing room, shower, special ad rates, reservation phone, box office, bar-café
Cost: $3100 per week
Submission deadline: Dossiers must be submitted a year in advance.
Contact: 3700 St-Dominique, 514-987-1639, info@lachapelle.org, www.lachapelle.org

La Danse sur les routes du Québec

La Danse sur les routes du Québec supports a network of 14 multidisciplinary presenters of dance in nine regions of Québec. With a goal of increasing the circulation and influence of dance in Québec, they help coordinate tours, thereby lengthening the life-span of a work. Go to their events and invite them to your shows as they have a hand in most provincial tours of contemporary dance!
Contact: 4530 St-Laurent #305, 514-985-4294, pbeaudry@ladansesurlesroutes.com, www.ladansesurlesroutes.com

La Poêle

La Pôele is a studio space located in the Mile End, run by dance artist Sarah Bild and dance and music artist Susanna Hood. In addition to hosting various types of public art events, the space is available for rental for rehearsals and teaching.
Stage dimensions: 1000 pi. ca.
Floor surface: wood
Cost: 12$/hr for rehearsal; 15$/hr for course
Contact : 5333, Casgrain, Studio 307, lapoele307@gmail.com, www.lapoele307.wordpress.com

Montreal’s Escales Improbables

Billed as a meeting place for art without borders, this 5-day event takes place every September on or around Labour Day, presenting free site specific performances and interactive installations . There is no call for submissions, but you are encouraged to make yourself and your practice known to the director, Sylvie Teste, if it fits in with the mandate and the aesthetic of the festival.
Contact: 4060 St-Laurent #703A, 514-313-6667, info@escalesimprobables.com, www.escalesimprobables.com/new/index.html

Maisons de la culture/ Accès culture

The Accès culture network includes, among others, the Théâtre de la Verdure, the salle Jean-Grimaldi, the Théâtre Outremont and all the Maisons de la culture throughout Montreal’s many neighbourhoods. While only a few venues are suitable for dance or experimental projects, it is still advisable to submit projects to the network rather than through a particular presenter. This way, your project wil be presented to a wide group of presenters.
Submission deadline: there is no deadline but September and March are the best months to submit in terms of wait time, as that is when the committee meets.
Contact: 514-872-4600, culture@ville.montreal.qc.ca, www.ville.montreal.qc.ca/accesculture

Mange mes pieds

Mange mes pieds is a non-profit studio that encourages art and well-being. Residencies are possible in summer and during Christmas vacations.

Space dimensions: 22’ width x 42’ depth, no posts

Seating capacity: 80 people (60 chairs,15 benches and a few mats)

Floor surface: hardwood

Other: general studio lighting, sound system, VHS player and monitor, changing room, piano, mirrors and curtains.

Cost: $250 per night

Contact : 10 des Pins O. #214, 514-963-1850, mangemespieds@yahoo.ca, www.studiommp.com

Montréal, arts interculturels

MAI’s mission is to present and promote contemporary visual and performing art works which an intercultural mandate or relevance. MAI also offers residency and mentoring programs. They have an intimate black box theatre, a large gallery, a café and a small rehearsal studio. Rentals are also possible.
Stage dimensions: 30’width x 17’depth x 12’6’’ grid height, ample wing space stage left & right
Seating capacity: 115 seats (raked)
Floor surface: masonite over sprung plywood base
Other: 2 dressing rooms with washroom and shower
Cost: $425 per night (plus technical)
Deadline for submissions: February, for the following season
Contact: 3680 Jeanne-Mance, 514-982-1812, info@m-a-i.qc.ca, www.m-a-i.qc.ca

Monument National

This heritage building owned by the National Theatre School and entirely restored in 1993, houses 3 halls that may be rented.
Salle Ludger-Duvernay: proscenium theatre, seating capacity of 804 people.
Studio Hydro-Québec: studio with variable configuration, seating capacity of 125 to 180 people.
La Balustrade: Pocket theatre in a cabaret set-up, seating capacity of 55 people.
Contact: 1182 St-Laurent, 514-871-9883, info@monumentnational.com, www.monument-national.qc.ca

Nyata Nyata

Zab Maboungou / Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata is a contemporary dance company. It is possible to rent the studio for rehearsals, classes, workshops, auditions, shooting, etc.
Stage dimensions: 1500 pi2 /ft2
Floor surface: hardwood floor with dance carpet.
Cost: check website
Contact: 4374, Boul. St-Laurent, 2nd floor, (514) 849-9781, ketienne@nyata-nyata.org, www.nyata-nyata.com

O Vertigo

This dance company offers occasional short residencies in their studio with possible access to their technical equipment (for a fee).
Submission deadline: May and November
Contact: 175 Ste-Catherine W., 514-251-9177, info@overtigo.com, www.overtigo.com

OFF.T.A. Festival

The OFF.T.A. was initiated by emerging Montreal artists. A great diversity of theatre, dance and performance projects are presented for 2 weeks every May. Its objective is to promote the vivacity of emerging artists and to build bridges between them, producers and presenters. Participants produce their own show with the professional support of the festival team and they keep their box office revenues.
Submission deadline: Mid-October
Contact: 1587 Mont-Royal E., 514-270-8677, info@offta.com, www.offta.com

Quebec Drama Federation (QDF)

QDF promotes English theatre in Québec. Membership gives access to a resource list (theatres, media, grants, technicians, etc.), borrowing of books, videos and reports as well as being listed on their ‘talent bank’.
Cost: $30/year (individual)
Contact: 460 Ste-Catherine W. #807, 514-875-8698, qdf@quebecdrama.org, www.quebecdrama.org

Regroupement des arts interdisciplinaires du Québec (RAIQ)

Founded in 2005, the RAIQ networks and represents companies, presenters and artists working in interdisciplinary arts in Québec. It offers training and networking opportunities, seeks to improve the socio-economic and practical conditions of its members, while actively promoting the development and visibility of interdisciplinary practices in art.
Cost: $10/year (individual)
Contact: 372 Ste-Catherine W. #301, 514-380-3093, info@artsinterdisciplinaires.org, www.raiq.ca

Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD)

Founded in 1984, RQD is a professional association of dance in Québec, representing and defending the interests of more than 500 dance professionals. This highly effective organization offers ongoing technique classes, coaching programmes and many networking opportunities.
Cost: $75/year
Contact: 3680 Jeanne-Mance #440, 514-849-4003, info@quebecdanse.org, www.quebecdanse.org

Sala Rossa

This is a cabaret-style venue usually used for alternative music events. It has an elevated proscenium stage and a bar. Booking should be done at least 2 months in advance for weekends.
Stage dimensions: 21’7’’ width x 13’7’’ depth
Capacity: 220 maximum capacity, 150 chairs, 22 tables
Cost: $250-$400 per night
Contact: 4848 St-Laurent, 514-284-3804, booking@casadelpopolo.com, www.casadelpopolo.com

Salle Pauline-Julien

This multifunctional theatre presents theatre pieces, music, dance and comedy shows as well as cabaret nights and movie showings. The theatre’s versatility allows it to host all sorts of public events, all year round.
Stage dimensions: 42’ width x 32’ depth x 21’ 6” height
Capacity: 380 seats
Floor surface: wood covered in black linoleum
Cost: $560 for 4 hours, includes 2 technicians, front of house staff and a security guard.
Submission deadline: at least a year in advance.
Contact: 15615 Gouin W. (Ste-Geneviève), 514-626-7887, info@pauline-julien.com, www.pauline-julien.com

Société des arts technologiques (SAT)

The SAT is a large transdiciplinary centre devoted to the development and the conservation of digital culture. It is particularly interested in projects that question and use high-speed networks, immersive environments, open-source software and original technological research for multimedia shows. The centre programs events and offers residencies for up to a month with research support.
Submission deadline: No deadline, but two periods are privileged; summer (June, July, August) and winter (December, January, February)
Contact: 1195 St-Laurent, 514-844-2033, joseph@sat.qc.ca, www.sat.qc.ca

Studio 303

Studio 303 is a sunny, versatile dance and related arts organization located in downtown Montreal. They present two commissioning events (Métamorphose and REMIX), two thematic political events (Cabaret Tollé and Edgy Redux) and also residents’ informal showing. Studio 303 also programmes daily workshops for performing artists, creation residencies, Support Labs and SPARK Studio Series.
Stage dimensions: 25’ width x 25’ depth x 10’5’’ grid height
Seating capacity: 80 people, benches on risers and cushion seating
Floor surface: finished sprung hardwood floor
Other: white wall for projections, unisex changing room, curtains, full sound system and a movable lighting system.
Cost: $475 for 3 shows over 2 nights plus $435 for the technician and security guard.
Submission deadline: check website.
Contact: 372 Ste-Catherine W. #303, 514-393-3771, info@studio303.ca, www.studio303.ca

Studio Bizz

During the summer season, Studio Bizz offers over one hundred studio hours to one dance company and one theatre company.
Contact: 551 Mont-Royal E., 514-526-2455, informations@studiobizz.com, www.studiobizz.com


Tangente’s mandate is to generate public interest in new dance by presenting new artistic tendencies and international youth choreography. Their regular season is comprised of various series, with each program running for four nights. Danse Buissonnière, always the first show of the fall season, is a showcase of seven emerging artists on a shared program, selected by a committee of previous participants. Tangente’s documentation centre houses extensive information about choreographers, presenters, and schools, enabling Tangente to offer a consulting service to artists, critics, researchers, and the general public.
Submission deadline: Proposals are accepted all year and bookings are done over a year in advance for regular season, or January and February for Danse Buissonnière.
Contact: 840 Cherrier E., 514-525-5584, info@tangente.qc.ca, www.tangente.qc.ca

Théâtre de l’Esquisse

Located in the Plateau, this intimate and adaptable space’s mission is to welcome emerging artists from many disciplines including theatre, poetry, dance, storytelling and music.
Stage dimensions: 20’ width x 20’ depth
Seating capacity: 85 people
Floor surface: linoleum covered wood
Cost: $250-$325 per night, including technical director, ticket printing and reservation management.
Submission deadline: at least a year in advance
Contact: 1650 Marie-Anne E., 514-527-5797, locations@theatredelesquisse.qc.ca, www.theatredelesquisse.qc.ca

MainLine Theatre

MainLine Theatre is the official venue and offices of the Fringe Festival. It’s a technically equipped theatre, renovated in 2009 and the seating configuration can be easily modified to suit different work.
Stage dimensions: 24’ width x 24’ depth (standard configuration)
Seating capacity: 102 seats on three sides of stage area (standard configuration)
Floor surface: vinyl covered cement.
MiniMain space: 35-40 seats. Also available for rehearsals @ 10$ an hour.
Cost: Negociable, contact for rate.
Contact: 3997 St-Laurent, 514-849-3378, rental_location@montrealfringe.ca, www.montrealfringe.ca/spacephotos.html

Théâtre Ste-Catherine

Located in Montreal’s Theatre District, Théâtre Ste-Catherine hosts live theatre, improv, music and comedy shows almost every night of the week.
Stage dimensions: 13’ width x 11’ depth
Seating capacity: 108 people
Floor surface: wood floor
Cost: $250 per night
Contact: 264 Ste-Catherine E., 514-284-3939, info@theatrestecatherine.com, www.theatrestecatherine.com

Usine C

This multidisciplinary creation and presentation centre is open to dance, theatre music and visual arts. The Studio de l’Usine is a black box rehearsal space, entirely technically equipped and convertable into a performance space. It is available for emerging and/or intimate projects and for residencies of 2 to 3 weeks. Located in a renovated industrial building, it also houses a theatre and a café.
Stage dimensions (studio): 60’ width x 40’ depth x 22’ height
Seating capacity: 120 seats
Floor surface: cement and dance floor.
Other: catering service, bar, coatroom, box office.
Cost: contact for details
Submission deadline: November for following season.
Contact: 1345 Lalonde, 514-521-4198, info@usine-c.qc.ca, www.usine-c.com

Vue sur la relève

This is a performing arts festival for young professional creators founded in 1996 by Créations etc. One quarter of this festival’s programming is dance. It takes place at various Maisons de la culture and is open to professionals 18 to 35 years of age.
Deadline for submissions: October
Contact: 7378 Lajeunesse #310, 514-278-3941, info@creations-etc.org, www.vuesurlareleve.com

wants&needs dance (Piss in the Pool, Short & Sweet)

With a goal of diversifying the audience for contemporary dance, the company has become known for their unique productions that take place in non-traditional dance spaces. Piss in the Pool gives 10 choreographers a week to adapt their unique visions to the unconventional space that is Bain St. Michel, presented in 2 evenings of dance at the end of the week in June. Short & Sweet is an underground dance series happening twice a year. Experienced and emerging choreographers create a concise idea in piece of 5 minutes or less, in just 2 weeks.
Contact: info@wantsandneeds.ca, www.wantsandneeds.ca

Youth employment Services (YES)

A non-profit organization providing English-language support services to help Québecers find employment and start businesses. Services and resources specific to artists include: career and business counselling, workshops and seminars, access to computer lab and resource library, and an annual artist conference.
Contact: 666 Sherbrooke W., 514-878-9788, info@yesmontreal.ca, www.yesmontreal.ca

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