Author: Lys Stevens
Additional texts: Jaimie Wright
Translation: Mélissa Guay
Editing: Marie-Claire Forté
Webdesign: Sofia Shendi
Additional research and editing: Gillian Rae Fournier, Miriam Ginestier, Evelyne Langlois-Paquette

The research, writing and creation of this guide has been supported by :

In 1999, in my final year at Concordia University’s Dance Department, I was asked by a friend to be her production manager for an evening-length dance work she was creating for credit, but to be performed outside of the university context. Thinking the role would be minimal, I set out to do a broader research of venues and to record all I would be learning in order to share it with our peers, as we were about to graduate into the professional world of dance creation and dissemination. I underestimated the field: the production took place on time, but the vision of writing a book took three years to be fulfilled.

Taking the Leap, through its multiple editions, has been a collaborative effort. Whether it was through a workshop, an interview or in editing drafts and previous editions, many individuals contributed their knowledge and I’d like to acknowledge them. I would first like to thank Jorelle Pomé for putting me up to this task in the first place. In the research phase, I am indebted to Maxine Heppner for initial encouragement and information; the Regroupement québécois de la danse staff and workshop leaders Catherine Caron, Johanne Brunet, Clothilde Cardinal, Pierre Desmarais, Martine Labrie and Caroline Lavoie; the Québec Drama Federation and Steven Schonn for their workshop on theatre production; Daniel Campeau for his input and series of artist encounters; and artists Suzanne Miller, Julie Duzyk, Héloïse Rémy and Marie-Pascale Bélanger for research interviews. For help editing the initial draft, I’d like to mention MC Forté for editing and translating; Dena Davida at Tangente for revision and input; Esther Robitaille, Jen Renata Soutter, Janet Stevens and David Fielding for editing and support. The first draft was made possible in part through a Jeunes Volontaires grant, through Emploi-Québec. The first published edition was made possible in part through a Canada Council for the Arts project grant, as well as the invaluable support, input and championing from publishers Studio 303, in particular Miriam Ginestier and Paul Caskey, and through subsequent edition updates, their staff and volunteers including Jenn Clark, Maya Ostrofsky, Mélissa Guay, Alain Chevarier, Lyne Maurier, Marjolayne Auger, Stéphanie Bélanger, Philippe Colas, Katshio Lukanga, Gillian Rae Fournier, Evelyne Langlois-Paquette and Jamie Wright. Nathalie Fortune did the initial book design and Gray Fraser did the initial cover design. For this fourth and fully-web-based edition of Taking the Leap all these and those not mentioned are thanked on behalf of myself and Studio 303.

Lys Stevens

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