1.4 Arts Lobby

While Québec artists have always had a strong voice in defining their funding needs, few organizations actively take up the role of arts lobbyist. The Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD) devotes itself to the development of professional dance in Québec and defends the interests of the discipline at the various levels of government. The RQD is a member of the Mouvement pour les arts et les lettres (MAL) which represents eight associations which, in turn, represent 14 000 artists and cultural workers. The MAL and RQD lobby for increased public funding so that artists’ work and life conditions will improve. The Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) likewise lobbies on a federal level for dance artists across Canada. On a local level, Culture Montréal is a democratic citizen-based movement open to anyone with cultural concerns. Members are professionals and non-professionals interested in promoting and safeguarding the right to culture.

These organizations that fight for more financial support for the arts always need help, and the opportunities to volunteer time or donate money are always appreciated. Giving to your community by getting involved at another level besides your art making can be extremely fulfilling. You serve the dance community in a different way, and it will influence the way you approach the art form.

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