1.3 Contact Events

Various performing arts ‘trade fairs’ exist where presenters converge to shop for shows. Dance companies can pay for a kiosk or the opportunity to perform at the showcase section of these contact events. Every second year, the International Exchange for the Performing Arts (CINARS) attracts a wide range of international presenters. Two similar organizations act on behalf of regional venues in the province of Québec; they are the Réseau indépendant des diffuseurs d’événements artistiques unis (RIDEAU), and the Réseau des organisateurs de spectacles de l’est du Québec (ROSEQ).

Contact events are costly to participate in and are mainly useful to established companies that are ready to tour an evening-length program. Emerging choreographers should nevertheless take note of these events for their inherent learning opportunities as well as the chance to show work at an “off” venue. It may seem confusing, but CINARS runs its own “off” event (with fees and a selection process), which doesn’t mean performances outside their circuit can’t be organized. Most festivals may also be considered contact events as attending presenters often ‘shop’ at off-events or showcases. Parcours Danse, organised by La Danse sur les routes du Québec, is a yearly showcase event where presenters sample the work of Québec choreographers.

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