Welcome to Taking the Leap

Welcome to Taking the Leap: an online guidebook and resource to production and presentation for emerging dance artists in Montréal.

Geared towards professional emerging choreographers, recent graduates, self-taught artists and those new to the city, this site offers tools and insight into the production and presentation of dance, demystifying the practical aspects of being an artist.

To the left you will find texts introducing you to the Montreal dance milieu, explaining how to gather a team of collaborators, surveying budget-creation and financing and exploring how to find presenters or self-present, and more. There are also practical tools such as sample budgets and bookkeeping spreadsheets.

To the right are searchable directories, including the local organisations directory, which lists emerging artist-friendly presenters, recommended resources and affordable venues.

Two other useful websites will be helpful to you as an emerging artist: the Cultural Human Resources Council maintains The Art of Managing Your Career and the Dance Umbrella of Ontario hosts the similar online guide Step-by-Step: Running a Dance Business (exclusively in English). These sites will give you broader information on topics such as incorporating a company and resolving legal disputes.

Happy reading!